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Evie Launcher is designed to help you use your Android much more efficiently. Without the need for tons of ridiculous and endless setup options, Evie lets you quickly access any app you have installed on your device.

Using Evie Launcher is super easy. Sliding your finger down while you're on the home screen opens a search box at the top of the screen. As soon as you start typing, you start receiving suggestions both for apps you have installed and for Google Search terms.

Sliding from left to right on the desktop gives you access to a pullout sidebar. In this menu, you can find the complete list of your apps, as well as the complete list of your widgets and setup options. And all this is perfectly organized.

Evie Launcher is a really great launcher. With its reduced size (slightly more than five megabytes), an elegant interface, and an extraordinary processing speed, it proves itself as an interesting alternative to any launcher you may be using.
Evie Launcher is a lightweight and stylish Android launcher

Ask which are the most popular launchers for Android and Nova Launcher is probably one of the names you're most likely to hear. But there are alternatives out there whose big user base attests to their great performance – and Evie Launcher is one of them. This option has proved the best at winning fans thanks to its refined style plus its lean weight and speedy performance.
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Requires Android 4.4 or higher

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